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Our Services

We are a full service retail pharmacy. With a friendly, well trained staff we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We will fill all your prescriptions in a fast and efficiently manor. If you like we have the option of having your prescription delivered. You can order your refills online. Our staff is always willing to discuss your medications and make sure your understand the medication you have been prescribed and how to take them correctly.

Our program will help you understand your diabetes, teach you the self-management skills required to control your diabetes and ultimately prevent or delay the progression of heart, kidney and other diabetes-related complications.

Free Pick Up & Delivery

Dollex Pharmacy serves the city of Tampa, and delivery times are typically 30 minutes.

Clientes Españoles Speaking

Dollex farmacia está orgulloso de servir a nuestros clientes latinos. Para aquellos que requieren asistencia habla español tenemos técnicos disponibles para asistirle.

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